War FTP Daemon

War FTP Daemon 1.7

Manages and controls FTP servers for Windows
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Jarle Aase

Establish and maintain FTP servers working with Windows versions going back to Win95 and NT. The client includes the UNIX-style security features, the interface similar to BBS, an extensive set of additional settings for data handling, multithreading, etc.

The premier FTP server forWindows 95 and NT. No other FTP serverapplication brings together the UNIX stylesecurity features, a BBS like Windowsinterface for the system operator, theextreme flexibility, Win95 and NT 4 OLEsupport, the multithreading design and theadvanced software technology and performanceprovided by this package. Just of few of it'sMANY features: follows the RFC 959 FTPspecifications, REST command supported(Resume an aboretd transfer), displays a listof all users online where you can kick one ofthem, edit the user database entry, send amesage to the user or even spy at the user(see the last given command, currentdirectory, file transfers and a list of allfiles this user has sent/received during thecurrent session, virtual file system forimproved performance and functionality,including full UNIX-like security and linkson directory and file level, and a lot more.

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